Monday, October 6, 2014

Spark Sessions: my look

Hey dollies, I hope you are all having a fabulous day! Today, I would like to talk about something called Spark Sessions.
The thing I love the most about blogging is the connection that I am able to make with people around the world. Through blogs, I get to talk to so many fascinating people that I would otherwise never be able to reach out to. I recently found out about the Spark Sessions Canada Beauty and Fashion Blogging Conference and I absolutely love the idea of it. According to the site, “Spark Sessions is a FASHION and BEAUTY Blogger Conference and Workshops!  Spark Sessions is a series of workshops, events and networking opportunities dedicated to the blooming community of fashion and beauty bloggers in Canada.
Through Spark Sessions, participating bloggers will have the opportunity to connect with brands, PR professionals, and fellow bloggers to learn, network and share while realizing their full potential.” How cool is that? The best part – it’s taking place right here in Toronto. Today, I will cover what I am planning to wear both fashion and beauty if I were to go to this amazing conference.
Since it’s fall season and it’s getting really chilly, I would most likely wear something like this:

A simple and warm sweater on top and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans are officially out of trend, (according to various online fashion sites at least), and there’s nothing better than a pair of pants that look chic and are extremely comfortable at the same time. Since it’s going to be a full-day conference, being comfortable is very important. To dress up the outfit, I will wear a pair of nice heels. Lately, I’ve been super into caged design, so chic!

Since my outfit is quite casual, the focus of my look would be my makeup. Lately, I am really into gold and blue combination. I know it’s quite dramatic and out there, but I want to make a statement! This look that I recently created is something I would’ve worn. It’s smokey and fun at the same time! That amazing blue shade is from my recently-purchased Lorac Pro 2 palette, which I am absolutely obsessed with. Nude lips are my usual choice since they’re quite low maintenance. I would most likely wear dark maroon-toned nail polish to fit the season a bit more.
So that’s my overall look for Spark Sessions. What do you think? What would you wear if you get to go? Please comment and share your thoughts!

Until next time,

Stay chic