Saturday, September 6, 2014

OOTD: Popsicle Dream

How are you all lovely people dealing with the fact that summer is coming to an end? I am still having trouble believing this, it all flew by! To pay our final respect to the ending summer (I know I am being a little melodramatic here, but I can’t help it!), I pulled together this ultra bright and colorful outfit. I hope you enjoy!

The majority of this outfit is from H&M. To be quite honest, I have already passed the stage where I was absolutely addicted to that store. I realized although their pieces are quite trendy and fun, the quality is really not up to bar. Anyways, this loose Popsicle sweater is one of those tops that I have love-hate relationship with. I absolutely love how this piece looks, but I always have trouble styling it. The cut of the sweater is extremely boxy, at certain angle, it makes me look rather plump. But anyhow, I think by layering this black slip dress underneath, you are able to see the actual silhouette of my body, and adding a darker background, it helps tone down the craziness of the sweater ever so slightly. In my opinion, it balanced the outfit and pulled it together. For a daily look, I would probably just wear a pair of basic black and silver sandals with this outfit. However, for the blog, I like to look taller and slimmer, haha, I’m so vain :P  Like I’ve mentioned before, I have very few heels since I don’t actually wear them on a daily basis, so my shoes will tend to repeat in my outfits and I apologize if that annoys you. I still hope you enjoy this look. If you have any idea on how to dress this sweater otherwise, please comment down below and share with me!

Until next time,

Stay chic