Thursday, August 29, 2013

Huge Haul from China: fashion, nail polish, skincare etc

What’s going to China without shopping? As I said earlier in my trip blog post, I was really expecting the food before I went there. And of course, I had a whole shopping list of things I had to buy. I would say, that list was fulfilled quite nicely and I had a couple of great extra when I got back. So without further ado, here’re some of the most interesting products I purchased in China.
I visited this store that specialized in selling the products of a beautiful province named Yun Nan. I was absolutely in love with the style of the entire store and without breaking the bank and buying everything there, I decided on this beautiful bracelet. 

It’s made of Tibetan silver (or so they said) and the turquoise accent is absolutely stunning. I love the three little fish there, so adorable and elegant at the same time!

I also mentioned in my trip post, I visited many of my friends and they were so generous and gifted me loads of cool products. This girl that I was really close with gave me this hand lotion from Korea.

I think it is absolutely adorable and have to show it to you guys. It's in this peach shaped container and the lotion itself smelled exactly like some ripe peaches.

It’s so delicious and beautifully moisturizing that I don’t even want to use it. I seriously wish you guys can smell it. Seriously, someone needs to invent a “scent emission through screen” technology!

Ahh, I’m so excited for this one. I was in total hat craze before I left for China and hats were definitely on the top of my shopping list. Look what I got! I absolutely adore all three of them. The snapback looks really street chic, the lippie one is flirty and a bit sexy and a good fedora is always a staple in anyone’s closet. They were super affordable as well. Great score!

I bought many clothing items but I want to show you some of my favorites. This sleeveless top by Vero Moda is so stunning. It looks really simple, a bit too plain even, but somehow, it looks incredible on. It has a bit of shoulder pad and it makes your figure look amazing.

Also from Vero Moda (Which is a brand we have in Canada, they sell it at the bay. Though the selection is quite limited) is this blazer. It’s not your typical black blazer. It’s quite preppy and you can really dress it up or down.

There’s this Danish fashion brand that I really enjoy called Only and the whole store was 50% off while I was there and I bought this jacket. I think the ruffles are stunning and the cut is really flattering. It’s something that I can totally see Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars wearing. I love it!

Online shopping is huge in China. If you have the patience you can score some really nice clothes with affordable prices. I bought this galaxy body-con dress that is simply stunning. I believe the dress speaks for itself.

Also from the same online seller, I bought this maxi dress. I’ve seen cat print fashion pieces around for a while and this one really caught my eye. It’s beautiful on and it looks great with the snapback that I bought.

I only bought one nail polish which I should totally give myself a pad on the back. Those polishes are dirt cheap and pretty good as well. I only bought this glitter one that totally reminds me of the essie luxe effect. Can’t wait to try it on.

Lastly, I want to share my first ever gel nail experience with you. I got the Lana del Rey signature red talon design with fake nails and gel. I absolutely love how it turned out. 

As you can see from the side, it’s very seamless, at least I can’t tell it’s fake nails at all! Since it’s gel, there was no chipping. After a month and a half, two fake nails broke and the rest are still going strong!
This concludes my Chin trip blog post series. I really hope you enjoy it and let me know if you went anywhere this summer for vacation. Don’t forget to follow msy blog <3

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Cat Eye

A classic smokey eye is essential to any girls who like to be glamorous and sexy on a night out.

As I promised, I will do a series of makeup looks using mainly the eye shadows from the Urban Decay Naked Original palette. 

So here's my take on a smokey cat eye look. All my tutorials are super simple, great for beginners. So I really hope you will enjoy this.

Step 1 Prime your eyelids with any kind of primer. I think eye shadow primer is essential to any makeup look, especially if you want your smokey eye to stay put all night. I used UD primer potion. Then apply virgin all over your eyelid.

Step 2 Cut off a piece of tape and stick it on the back of your hand a couple of times to remove most of its stickiness. Then apply the tape on the outer corners of your eyes. Apply creep on the outer V and extend it towards your brows.

Step 3 Use a matte black eye shadow and deepen the outer V even more. Apply the shadow more closely to your lash line and the tape. I used a matte black eye shadow by wet n wild.

Step 4 Use a pencil brush and apply creep on your lower lash line and connect it with the top.

Step 5 Apply black liner to your upper and lower waterline to darken the look. This step really pulls the whole look together. I used gel liner by Physician’s Formula.

Step 6 Apply lots of coats of your favorite mascara and apply a pair of false lashes with a flared outer corner if necessary. I didn’t do this step while taking the photos so I photoshopped some lashes onto my eyes. I hope you guys don’t find this too annoying :P

Voila! That’s the finish look. It’s really super simple yet glamorous. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and please don’t forget to comment and follow my blog!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

LBL: My Trip to China (picture heavy)

Hi dolls! I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather outside. I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Well, that’s because I was in China the past 5 weeks and I had no access to Blogspot whatsoever. Now that I’m back, I have so much that I want to share with you all. I had an absolutely amazing time and I spent a lot of quality time with my family and childhood friends. This post will be mainly about things I’ve done, food I’ve tried etc. just an overall experience post and I really hope you will enjoy this.

First of all, can I just say that the first thing that I look forward to was the food?! I even wrote down a list of what I wanted to eat. I know, quite ridiculous, but I don’t want to miss anything! Before I went, I really looked forward to go to KFC & Pizzahut. I know that sounds absolutely insane since those are western fast food which we have here in Canada as well. But the thing is, we have so many more varieties in China. Here’re some photos I snapped of Pizzahut dishes.
best soup ever!

pizza with extra cheese around, salmon, wasabi and veggies
Instead of being a fast food restaurant, Pizzahut is more like a nice fancy restaurant in China. We have to line up on the weekend just to get a seat but it’s totally worth it.

I found out that our city has a lot more dessert stores than before. Differed from the desserts here, the ingredients in our desserts are mostly fruit (mango in particular), mochi, glutinous rice etc. They taste heavenly and I definitely enjoyed a lot of different kinds from different stores. They’re quite similar in comparison but amazing for sure. 

Now I hope I’m not making you all drooling in front of the screen :P

Of course, I met up with many of my friends, especially the ones from middle school. I don’t know about you but even though I only went to middle school in China for a year and a half, I had the best time and had made most of my best friends while I was there. They bought me loads of gifts and I was so touched by them just simply showing up and meeting with me.

Oh, shopping was one of the highlights as well. I didn’t buy many clothes in department store since they’re insanely expensive but I managed to snap some photos of the stores' decorations. It’s quite incredible. 
a really cute preppy style clothing store originated in Korea. Super expensive though :(

this store has the best decoration, a vintage Chinese style

if this is not the cutest thing, then what?!
one dessert store with interesting wall art

That's all that I have to share with you today! I might write a haul of some stuff I bought if you're interested. Please let me know how have you spent your summer so far? 

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