Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recent Empties: I have way too much hair products :P

I know I haven’t done an empties post in a while. But that’s simply because I didn’t use up anything. I also stopped wearing makeup every day, trying to give my skin a break. I finally accumulated enough products that I’ve used up lately and I would like to share it with you all :)

Like I said, I tried to wear as little makeup as possible lately and therefore didn’t use up any makeup items. Most of the empties are hair products and please bear with me.

Firstly, I have this Balea 3-in 1 cleansing cloths. I absolutely adore this product. I believe Balea is a Shoppers Drug Mart brand so you can only find this in Canada. I heard about this product through GregoryGorgeous on YouTube (I’m obsessed with GG) and I’m so glad I found it. When this product goes on sale, you can get it for $5.99 and it has 56 cloths. The cloths are saturated with makeup remover and it removes makeup like a dream. I know it’s not good to rely on makeup wipes so I use them to remove my face makeup and I wash my face with a cleanser. The cloths are really gentle on the skin and they’re super affordable! Love it!

Moving on, I used up the JuJu Aquamoist Toner. I purchased this toner back in July and it has lasted me ever since then. You only need 2 drops of this to moisturize your skin. It’s really gentle on the skin and it has Vitamin C as well as hyaluronic acid so it moisturizes you skin and brighten it at the same time. While I did not see a significant result in whitening, it has definitely moisturized my skin. I’ve been using this product only without using another moisturizer and my skin never feels dry in the cold winter months. So if you can get your hand on this Japanese product, I would recommend it. The only problem is that it contains alcohol but only a little bit. Compares to Clinique toners, the alcohol content in this is nothing. I have quite sensitive skin and this works fine on me :)

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Tresemme’s heat protectant spray. It’s a really popular product among bloggers and vloggers and it claims to protect your hair from heat. I don’t really know if this really works but since it’s so affordable and my hair hasn’t been too damaged from all the curling irons I’ve used, I would recommend this product. Plus, this smells amazing :P

Speaking of good-smelling products, I have to give credit to Aussie stuff. Their hair products all smell so fruity and fresh. I also used up this sun-touched shine leave-in conditioner. However, other than the good smell, I wouldn’t really recommend this product. I don’t think it has done anything to my hair and plus, my hair doesn’t tangle at all so it’s quite pointless for me. The bottle doesn’t provide the best spray if that makes sense. It kinda just spritzes at one area and you really have to comb it through to distribute the product throughout your hair. Unfortunately, I would not repurchase this.

2 more hair products and I promise that’s it. I’ve used up John Frieda’s luxurious volume thickening conditioner and I would not recommend it. It does not condition my hair nor does it give any volume to my super flat hair. I would rather buy the Loreal royal jelly conditioner, funny name I know, but that stuff is amazing and affordable.

Last but not least, I’ve used up Pantene’s restore beautiful lengths replenishing mask. Pheww such a mouthful. It’s basically just a hair mask. I did quite enjoy this product. It does not have an extremely thick texture like other masks, it feels more like a moisturizer for your hair. My hair felt very smooth and shiny after using this and for the price, you can’t beat it!
That’s it, I’ve really used up quite a bit of hair products and I hope you are not bored with it.

Did you use up any items lately? If so, please share it with us!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Perfect Nude Polish: OPI Tickle My France-y Swatch and Review

I am always on the hunt for the PERFECT nude nail polish and I think I just found mine. Nude is a really tricky color to pull off. Either it be a lipstick, a pair of high heels or a nail polish. Some nude will make you look washed out and make your skin look grey and saggy. My expectation for the perfect nude polish is to be not too pink, not too brown, just perfect..… lol I’m not making any sense, am I? Anyhow, the nude polish that I found which suits my skin tone perfectly would be OPI Tickle My France-y. Cute name, ehh?
I bought a set of 10 mini OPI nail polishes at IMATS. (click HERE to see the haul) It comes with their top 10 nail polishes and of course, Tickle My France-y is included.

Why do I think this polish is the perfect nude for me? First of all, the polish applies beautifully. It’s not streaky, and it’s not too sheer. I never understand the hype of some super sheer pinky nude polishes. If a light pink polish is sheer, wouldn’t it just be the same as your nail color? Then why not just get a clear polish, why bother? Tickle My France-y, however, only require 2 think coats to achieve the swatch I am showing here. I personally think this color is very clean-looking and makes your nails look super healthy. It covers the bumps and imperfection of your nails while gives it a nice tint. I think this would make the perfect nail polish for interview or it would be perfect for someone who works in a conservative workplace.

What do you think? What is your favorite nude polish? 

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Natural Look with Naked Palette

I have done tutorials before, but this is the first time for me to write a makeup tutorial. I’m still getting used to taking close up pics and putting them together, so please bear with me :)

I’ve lusted over the Urban Decay Naked palette for as long as I can remember. But the $60 price tag always puts me off. Last year around Christmas, Sephora had a $15 off $50 purchase and I also had $20 gift card, so I snatched the palette immediately. I’m so in love with it and it’s totally worth it. I’ve always liked the original palette more than the 2nd edition. I found the 2nd edition too cool-toned and the colors aren’t as vibrant as I like them to be. Also, I love the original packaging way more than the new one. I am a totally sucker for velvet :) Enough rambling, let’s get onto the tutorial. I will probably do a series of makeup tutorial using the naked palette, this is the simple and natural look, so stay tuned!

This look is super simple. All I used was 2 shadows from the palette.

Step 1. Prime your eyelid with Urban Decay Primer Potion or any primer of your choice. Never underestimate the power of primer. It makes your shadows look more vibrant and prevents them from creasing.
Step 2. Using a flat shader brush, apply Sin all over the lid. This color is so pretty and makes the perfect lid color if you are going for a natural look. I adore anything rose gold.
Step 3. Using a pencil brush, apply Buck onto your crease. Remember, where you place your brush first gets the most color, be careful and gradually build up the color intensity. Try to drag the shadow into a “V” shape.
Step 4. Using a liquid eyeliner, or gel liner, whichever you prefer, draw a thin line across your upper lash line and create a small flick in the outer corner. The cat-eye look lifts your eyes and makes them appear larger and brighter.
Step 5. Using a pencil brush and Buck again, apply it on your lower lash line. This will balance with the shadows we used on the lid and pull the whole look together.

Step 6. Put on one coat of your favorite mascara. I used Maybelline Colossal Waterproof on the top and Lancome Hypnose Drama on the bottom.
Voila! Your natural look using the Naked Palette is completed. 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and stay tuned for more to come!
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Monday, February 25, 2013

OOTD: Pink and denim

Ever since I started going on to WeHeartIt dot com, which I was hooked right away. It also brought back my obsession with girl next door sort of sweet and innocent look. While I was looking through my closet, I found this tiered denim skirt that would be perfect for the look I was going for. Then I just grabbed my granny sweater that I thrifted and added a collar shirt underneath. Voila! Girly girl look accomplished! I hope you enjoy this outfit and don’t forget to hype it HERE on LOOKBOOK.NU.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yummy Dessert Post

Obsessed with dessert? I know I totally am. While I am constantly reminding myself that I should eat healthy and stay fit. But you know what? Sometimes, we just need some beautiful and divine dessert to boost our mood and motivate us to look on the bright side of life. Hehe I know it sounds like a lame excuse, but I’ve always been so intrigued by beautiful dessert pics. So here’re some of the yummy snack pics I have for you. Hope you enjoy

Oh the ever so lovely hot chocolate. If you live in a cold area like I do, then you know nothing beats a mug of deliciously warm hot chocolate with multi-colored marshmallow floating on top. Yum…..

There’s this bakery store near where I go to church. Everything there is so amazing! The store has beautiful interior design and the atmosphere there is always so calm and sweet. Plus, the girl who works there is super pretty too. :P I absolutely love their tiramisu. Doesn’t the pic just look amazing?!
 I’m sure if you love instagram, wehearit or anything like that, you’ve seen enough pics of those super adorable macaroons. The crunchiness along with the delicious flavour inside… Just thinking about it make me hungry!

HA! There’s more. Red velvet cupcakes are my favorite. I absolutely adore the cream on top. And here I have marshmallow brownie squares, chocolate mousse cupcake. Are you drooling already? :P

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NOTD: Facets of Fuchsia by Revlon

Hi dolls I have a short post for you today about this nail polish I am absolutely obsessed with. It’s called facets of fuchsia by Revlon. I was so in love with the polish when it first came out and was thrilled to know that it’s a dupe of a Deborah Lippmann polish. Unfortunately, I looked for it anywhere but could not find it. Guess what, I found it in Dollar Store for only $2! It’s seriously stunning. Just keep in mind that it is gel based and the black base is really sheer. All you have to do is to apply a coat of dark polish, it doesn't have to be black and apply this gem on top. And Voila! The purple glitters give so many dimensions to the black background and it’s totally eye-catching!

Have you tried this nail polish? What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Beauty Battle: My Beauty Diaries Mask- regular or 2-step?

I know that my beauty diary masks have been around for a long time and have definitely received a lot of attention from YouTube beauty gurus as well as bloggers. I have to say, I didn't quite understand the hype when I tried my first MBD mask. Only until recently when someone suggested the 2-step masks did I gave in and tried the brand again. I’m beyond glad to listen to my friend’s advice and yes, the 2-step ones are so much better than their regular masks. So I decide to write a comparison post for you all today :)
 I already gave you my overall opinion towards the two types of masks MBD has. First, let’s talk about the ones I don’t particularly enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, this mask has received a lot of praise and I know many people who love this. But unfortunately, I think otherwise. The regular mask I've tried is their Black Pearl Mask. I've always heard of the benefit pearls provide to your skin and this mask is supposed to lighten and brighten your skin while hydrate it at the same time. 

When I first took out the mask from its packaging, I was really impressed by how much serum it was soaked in and thought the mask would definitely do wonder at hydrating my skin. But don’t be deceived by how it feels on your skin first! It is definitely saturated with the so-called serum. However, after 15 to 20 minutes, the serum was still just sitting on my skin. It didn't penetrate my skin and boost the moisture level. It had a very slippery feel to the touch and after about 15 masks, my skin didn't feel more moisturized nor brightened.

Then we have our 2-step MBD mask--- repair snail mask pack. I know, it sounds so scary. Snail?!! But supposedly, snail slime is wonderful for adding moisture to your skin and is the key ingredient to many Korean BB Creams. I didn't have too much expectation for this mask due to my previous experience. But oh lord!! I was so pleasantly surprised! 

The mask itself feels a lot better on the skin. To me, it even smells lovelier than the black pearl one. My skin just drank it all in and the mask left it refreshed and moisturized. On top of that, the cream that comes with the pack seals the moisture in and really soften and brighten my skin. Though this particular mask is not marketed as brightening, but when your skin is nicely moisturized, it often looks instantly brighter and fresher. It’s just a wonderful mask for your skin overall >o<
So yeah, these are my opinions towards the two types of masks MYD has. I would totally recommend the 2-step repair pack. As for their regular ones, I've never tried any others kinds other than the black pearl but I don’t think I would ever try it.
What’s your favorite MBD mask? Have you tried their 2-step repair pack? Please leave me a comment on what you think of them :)

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little bits of Lavender: belly button piercings and aftercare

my piercing


I’ve been lusting over naval piercing ever since I saw it on BOA when I was in elementary school. Maybe lusting wouldn’t quite be the right word for how I felt towards it at first. I was a bit confused about it. I thought it looked gross at first but somehow I couldn’t resist how beautiful and bedazzled the jewels usually are. I understand many may be against belly button piercings (including my dad :P) and I know it wouldn't be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally love how it looks especially on defined abs which I’m definitely working towards  :P
pics from we heart it
But there are a couple reasons that I haven’t gotten them until now. I always thought it would cost somewhere between $70 to $100 and without a part-time job, I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Also, I have quite sensitive skin, other than earlobe piercings, I have never gotten any other piercings or tattoos on my body, so naval piercing would be quite a huge step to take. Just recently, my friend told me about this tattoo parlor that’s located in Kensington Market (which I wrote a blog post HERE) and they charge for only $15 flat on Saturday. I was a bit uncertain at first, and thought that sounded a bit sketchy. But after she told me how busy the store usually is and how amazing the cartilage piercing her friend got was, I finally gave in and here it goes the whole Little Bit of Lavender Experience :)

more pics from we heart it
So we arrived at Kensington Market around 1 in the afternoon. I’ve contacted the tattoo parlor’s Facebook page HERE and was told they usually charge for $25 plus tax but on Saturday, it’s only $15 flat. I was so nervous when I got in the store. Without stepping my feet inside any tattoo parlors before, I was definitely a bit scared when I got in. It was a really small parlor but I suppose most tattoo parlors look like that :P So we registered and they asked for our ID, little did I knew we needed to bring ID there but thank heaven I had my Health Card with me from the vaccination I got just 3 days ago. They asked us to fill in a form asking for medication history, allergy and suck. I handed in my form and paid $15 right away. Then they told us to wait for around half an hour so we went around the market but I really wasn’t in the mood. While waiting in the store, my heart was so fast that I could literally hear it. After my friends got their cartilages pierced, it was finally my turn. I went in and the lady was so sweet and even complemented on what I was wearing. Hehe I was quite cheerful and calmed down a bit.

my piercing

Then the process started. She asked me to lie down on a bench, and cleaned and softened the skin around my belly button. At that time, my friend who went with me was getting a bit nervous, too. Then the piercing artist asked me to stand up and she marked where the piercing would be with a marker and checked if that spot moved if I laid down which it didn’t. Then she brought out a needle and pierced it. Lol at that point, my friend was clenching my hand and she was actually more nervous than I was. Since I couldn’t see anything, it really wasn’t that bad. I would describe the pain as moderate. I actually think it hurt less compared to my vaccination shot. Then she put the jewel through and VOILA! I got my belly button pierced. I looked into the mirror and I kid you not, I was so happy with the result that I was jumping up and down. Ummm maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but really I nearly screamed with delight. It’s just so wonderful and the lady was so careful and precise, it didn’t bother me a bit!

So what really important would be the aftercare. She gave me a form with instruction on it and I figured I would just type that down in case anyone is interested:

-Don’t play with it!

-Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching near your piercing.

-Bleeding, bruising, swelling and tenderness are normal in the first few days

-Clear/pink/yellowish crusties are normal.

-Clean the piercing once a day with a mild soap and gentle, clean fingers.

- Mix 1/4 tsb sea salt to 1 cup water, soak for 10 minutes each day.

-Avoid perfumed soaps, cosmetics, unnecessary friction, dirty towels/clothing, pillowcases/phones, pools/lakes/hottubs, alcohol/peroxide/polysporin.

-Healing usually takes 4-6 weeks or longer. Jewellery can be change in 2-3 weeks

The girl also told me it would take 6 months up to a year to heal which is definitely  a long time. But overall, I am so happy with the result. If you are considering getting your belly button pierced, I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT :D
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY: Striped Jeans

I have seen those striped pants for a while now, and I was quite obsessed. I almost gave in and wanted to get a pair. But to be honest, I haven’t seen them in store that often and most of them are on-line. Although I love on-line shopping, I really think it’s quite troublesome to get pants off the internet with the sizes and everything. And if you live in Canada, you know how expensive shippings usually are. One day, it suddenly came to me that why don’t I just DIY them, all I need is a simple pair of black or white skinny jeans and some acrylic paint. It sounded easy enough and I am really impressed with how it came out so here goes the DIY process :)

First of all, you obviously need a pair of jeans or even leggings. But I prefer how the stripe looks on structured jeans which really elongate your legs. To add on that, it looks even better on high-waisted jeans. If you’ve seen the striped skinnies by Motel, I believe they’re really quite high-waisted.
by motel retail for £48
But of course, it all depends on your preferences. Then, you need some sort of white or black acrylic paint depending on the color of your jeans. Since I already had a pair of black semi-highwaisted  jeans on hand, I used white acrylic. Lastly, some brushes to paint on. Here I’m using some sponge brushes which you can get from practically anywhere. I got both my paint and brushes from the dollar store and they work perfectly fine. Nothing fancy!

I laid some newspaper on the basement ground since I don’t wanna get into trouble with my parents from ruining their perfect wooden floor :P Also, in order to get my stripes perfectly straight, I used some thick tape to cover the part of jeans that I wanna keep it black. Then, the labour starts. It is quite straight-forward, just dip your brush into the paint and paint it on. But since I was using black jeans, and I wanted my white stripes to be completely opaque, it was a really long process. I used two coats of paint. In the end, I decided to only paint one side of the jeans. To be honest, I quite like the result. A trick for you is to sponge it on. Press the brush into your jeans so the paint that’s already soaked by the sponge will transfer onto the jeans more easily. Really, that’s all you need to know.
end result!! yay :)

If you want some chic striped skinnies and the illusion of longer and straighter legs, why not try to DIY a pair? I promise it looks good and I got so many complements on them and nobody believed me that I made them myself. Trust me, if I can do it, everyone can do it :)

What do you think? Are you gonna try them out?