Thursday, January 24, 2013

ShopaHAULic: Goodwill Winter Finds

Many may not think of Goodwill as a place for trendy pieces, but I absolutely adore that store. Not only is it insanely affordable, you can really dig up some cool vintage finds. I’m quite new to the whole thrift shopping trend, but I have to say, I’m totally addicted. Even though I’ve only been there 3 times, oh gosh, if you were there, you would’ve been shocked by how full my cart was. Haha…. After years of wearing skin tight shirts and fitted jackets, I finally got bored of them and fell in love with the baggy sweater look. If you are into loose fitting sweaters, I would totally suggest you to check out your local second-hand stores. I definitely found many cool pieces, so without further ado, here they are!

First of all, I got this baby pink sweater with flower details around the top. The beauty of baggy sweaters is heck, who cares what size it is, the larger, the merrier :P You might dislike thrift stores because you thought it’s quite gross that someone already wore it. But to be honest, if not for the style and place I got it from, I wouldn’t be able to tell it’s been worn at all. They’re all quite nicely kept and from what I can see, very clean! Best of all, it was only around $3!! You can never go wrong with that!

Next, I got another floral baggy sweater. I think you already get an idea of what style I like :P I was so excited when I saw this in the rack. It totally reminds me of 2012 fall/winter baroque trend without the gothic element. The print is very elegant and sweet, and there’s something about the way it’s knitted, I just think it’s so neat. Again, it’s only around $3!

Ok, I promise, this is the last baggy sweater that I got. I definitely have enough sweaters in my wardrobe to last me a winter. This sweater is quite granny and I wasn’t sure if I would like. I tried it on anyways and trust, it look GOOD! I was wearing a pair of leather skinny pants and with the chunky sweater on top, it looks casual and chic! Score!

Haha, what a contrast! I got a cropped top on this trip as well. It’s quite a basic shirt and the lacy print is right up my alley. I believe it was only $2.50. Of course I snatched it!

Puffy sleeves might be a bit old-fashioned, but I always enjoy how nice and feminine it looks. Remember in Anne of Green Gables, how little Anne was fascinated by puffy sleeves?! They might not be the most chic piece, but cute nevertheless. This H$M dusty pink shirt is another basic that I think every girl should have in their wardrobe, It’s great for layering! (And yes, you can totally find brand name there! I’ve seen Banana Republic, J Crew etc.)

Last but not least, I got this little black jacket. I really like the buttons down the front and on top of that pink shirt, it looks SUPER! It hugs your figure very nicely and again, a great layering piece indeed!
What do you think? Did I talk you into thrift store shopping? I don’t know about you, but being able to dig up cute pieces among piles of old granny clothes is really rewarding. It’s like a treasury hunt!

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Stay chic
Ps Yes, I got a new DSLR. Still trying to get the hang of it, will do a blog on it soon :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Little bits of Lavender: Kensington Market

Hi dolls J Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and you are enjoying the New Year so far. I surely had a lot of fun so far in 2013 and I look forward to the rest of the year.
Here, I took a little trip to Kensington Market and I would like to share with you my journey (that’s quite a big word for it :P). Kengsington Market is a place located in downtown Toronto. It’s full of interesting vintage shops, cafes, gift shops etc. I've heard so much about it that I decided to go visit there myself. I definitely enjoyed the little market and it was quite a different experience for me. My friend and I snapped lots of photos there, and here they are.

It was snowing quite heavily yesterday,  I actually caught a cold from walking outside. But it’s worth it. The snow was beautiful and made everything look extra sweet and mysterious. Awkward note, we actually missed our subway stop and had to go back cuz we were quite into the conversation that we were having. But of course, we got there eventually and since it was well into lunch time, we decided to eat at a bakery store near the market. I guess the market is pretty close to China Town, the price in the bakery is insanely cheap. 6 bread for $3 and 3 egg tart for $1 and they tasted wonderful as well. What a steal!
We walked along the streets for a while and discovered this little shop with all sort of crafty things. I don’t know the term for them, but the window display was really neat.

Then we found the entrance to Kensington Market. Do you see CN Tower in the background? :D There were so many cool shops and this one was full of military things. Jacket, badges, even gas mask, you name it! Look at this wall full of badges, quite epic, yeah? My friend snapped a photo in the mask, it was so silly but cool!

Another thing I loved about Kensington Market was the graffiti. It was everywhere downtown but somehow I found the ones in the market extra artistic.

Also, we found this store named “playdead”. It was so amazing! Full of skulls and artsy stuffs, it was very dark and even a bit Gothic, but I really enjoyed their clothes. Especially this denim jacket. I nearly gasped when I saw the price tag, $140! Maybe one day L

There were so many vintage stores full of clothes that looked super ancient. There was this store where the owner looked like someone right out from a 60s movie with victory rolls and red hair sewing a jacket. I am kinda upset that I couldn't take a photo of her, but I thought it would be quite weird to ask for such a favor  I tried some clothes from this store named Fariest Pyjama. Their stuffs were pretty interesting too.
Overall, I had a wonderful time at Kensington market. If you live around the area and had never visited that place, I highly recommend it! Hope you like this post and have a great day!