Saturday, June 14, 2014

Is Nasty Gal Really Worth the Hype?

Have you ever shopped at Nasty Gal? If not, I'm sure you've been tempted by their trendy pieces. Well, I was not able to resist the amazing sales they have. From time to time, they have  50% off their already reduced products! So today, I would like to go over what I think about this website so far.
Back in the days, they had free Canadian shipping over $50. Those were the best day. However, they changed it to over $150 now. To some of you, it might be easy to buy over that amount, however, since I'm still a student with limited budget, I don't splurge on clothing that often. With that being said, let's first discuss about their clothings. One word sums it all: disappointing. I hate to be negative and whiny, but to be quite frank, their clothing pieces do not live up to my expectations. You might say that I shouldn't complain about things that I paid so little on, fair enough. But in my opinion, those clothings pieces were sold at a way higher price point early on, and there are definitely people who go out and buy those at the original prices.  I mean, I gotta say that nasty gal has the best web design ever. It's clear and welcoming, it makes me just want to add everything to my shopping cart. However, almost everything that I've gotten so far, ranging from chiffon shirt, dresses, sequin pants to rings, they all look quite cheap, not well-made at all. For example, I recently bought a pair of rose gold sequin pants, as soon as I got it, I took it out of the bag and the sequins fell everywhere. I haven't even worn it out and this already happened, I am a bit terrified that one day, I will see one giant whole with nude lining and no sequin on top. How dreadful!

Furthermore, they charge very bizarre border fee. I recently bought only $25 worth of clothings and guess how much I was required to pay? $16! When I contacted them, I was told that they have no control over duty fees, which is reasonable. However, when I went to my local post office, I was told that this fee is not duty, it's charged by a third party called Landmark global. I was again told by Nasty gal that this company pays duty and other fees first so our orders can go through borders quicker. I cannot shake the feeling that Landmark global charges extra fees just for that service. On the website, it's stated that "All applicable customs and import duties and fees, taxes and any other charges and fees are the responsibility of the customer (even if you refuse any shipments upon delivery).We ship your package DDU, "duties and taxes unpaid", and we do not collect the VAT, duties and/or taxes and cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If your order does require these additional charges, they must be paid by you in order for your package to clear customs." Landmark global is nowhere to be found and I think it's quite unacceptable that I am charged by a third party that I was completely unaware of.
Having said all of that, I do not discourage anyone from shopping there simply because of what I experienced. Either this is a usual case or I just got unlucky, we'll never know. So those of you who live in the States, I am extremely envious of you because NG's sales are amazing from time to time! But after this experience, it's totally not worth the time and effort and money for me to ever shop on that site again. Who knows what amount I will be charged next time? Better be safe than sorry. So, have you ever shopped at NG before, if so, how's your experience?


  1. It's not just you! Shipping companies really take advantage of people's ignorance unfortunately. It's kind of scammy and super frustrating because NastyGal doesn't even know what a brokerage fee is!

    But legally you are allowed to self-clear your package and avoid their over-priced fees, here are the directions:

    (The title says UPS but it applies to all shipping companies, Landmark, DHL, etc.)

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