Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to get blonde hair from black

Hi beautiful! As promised, today I will be telling you how I achieved my blonde hair at home.

 I understand this is a very controversial topic, and I am only sharing with you all what I did to get what I wanted. So don’t say I never warned you because I am telling you that everyone’s hair is different, what works on me might not work on you. And of course, I am not a certified hairstylist by any means; therefore, what I did is probably incorrect. Oh well, it worked so that’s all good.
Before you bleach your hair at home, and yes, I said bleach, unless your hair is already close to blonde, those box dye is not going to get you anywhere, make sure that you really think it over. You have to know that your hair is going to be damaged, no matter what you do. So maybe have a wig on hand, or a box dye of your natural hair color, having a backup plan is always a good idea. Now, what you will need to get blonde hair are the followings (I got all of the products at Sally’s beauty supply store):
-Powder bleach, I used the L’oreal quick blue one. If your hair is naturally quite dark, you will have to bleach it more than once, therefore, I totally recommend getting the big bucket one instead of packets. I learned this the hard way. It’s much cheaper to get the bucket. (HERE to purchase)
-peroxide developer, I used volume 30. After doing some thorough research, this is the level most people recommend, so I went for it. (HERE to purchase)
- purple toner, I used the shimmer lights shampoo, however, I don’t think it works that well. But still, have one just in case is always a good idea. (HERE to purchase)
- purple semi-permanent hair dye. I know this sounds crazy, but initially I wanted to have blonde hair so that I can have pastel lavender hair. However, since I haven’t yet achieved platinum blonde, pastel purple doesn’t really show up that much. I used only a little bit of the purple hair dye mixed with tons of conditioner. During the first couple of days, your hair will have a purple tint. However, after the first wash, it completely neutralized any brassy or orange tone in my hair. So it’s all good. (I used both THIS in purple and THIS in ultra violet)
-of course, you will need your typical tools: some mixing bowls, brushes, measuring cups, clips to section your hair, aluminum foil (the kitchen one works just fine), shower cap to lock in the heat, old t-shirt and something to cover the area that you will be working
Now that you have everything that you need, it’s always a good idea to have someone to do it for you. My mom was nice enough to do it for me, however, if you can’t find anyone, definitely have two mirrors on hand so you won’t be missing spots on the back of your head. I totally bleached my hair twice, three times if you count the quick touchup I did for some spots that I missed. I just followed the instructions on the bleach and went ahead for it. 

Right after first time, still wet

gross orange hair

purple hair dye with lots of conditioner

light brown hair

right after second bleach, ughh yellow hair

purple hair dye with lots of conditoner

for some reason, the sunlight makes my hair extremely purple, it's way more silver in real life
exactly the shade I like

The first time around, I had this medium brown color that is quite pleasant. I am even considering dying this color once I go back to school. The second time I was able to get to this lighter yellow color. Like I said, when I first used purple hair dye, I have purple through my hair, but after the first wash, it was all blonde and no purple. I know my hair is not an even color, either it be that my natural color wasn’t even to begins with or my mom didn’t apply the bleach evenly (probably a combination of both), I think having some darker strands and lighter strands makes it look more natural.

my current purple hair :P

If you are wondering, I actually dyed my hair purple recently. I was so frustrated that I wasn’t able to get the Nicole Richie locks, I went ahead and dyed my entire head purple. And to be honest, I quite like it. I haven’t washed it so far, (other than right after I dyed it), and I’m excited to see how this will look after a couple of washes.
So yeah, that’s about it! Make sure you watch some youtube videos so that you may get a hang of how to apply the bleach, but really, it’s quite straightforward. Do keep an open mind though, you might not end up with what you initially wanted, but in my case, I liked how it turned out. As for maintenance, surprisingly, my hair is still really soft and silky. I’m just using the cheap L’oreal conditioner from the drug store, nothing fancy. I do treat my hair in coconut oil once a week, so that probably helps. Try not to wash your hair that often, I’ve always been washing my hair only twice a week, so it’s fine. But of course, if you can afford it, try to invest in some good hair masks. I’m sure that helps as well. That’s about all the information that I can tell you for today, if you have any questions, definitely leave them down below, I will be happy to answer them. Until next time,
Stay Chic


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