Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life update and news :)

As the weather gets more and more beautiful every day, I am able to find inspirations everywhere. This weather makes me very energized and motivated. Since I have such a long summer entirely free, I am determined to be more committed to my little blog here. I know, I know, in the past, I have always promised similar things, but I am very bad when it comes to sticking to a routine. Hopefully, and I mean I will definitely try my very best at keeping this promise. But also, I would love if you lovely people out there share the love and keep me on track.

Basically, I decided not to take on any summer courses this year. Whether that’s a good idea, only time can tell. I did fairly well during my first year at Uni, so I want to give myself a break from school, from studying, from anything remotely academic. The most logic answer will probably to get a part-time job, which I did. I am actually a freelance/on-call at my closest MAC Cosmetics counter. I will definitely elaborate on this topic in the near future; however, due to the nature of this position, I rarely have any shifts. 2 shifts per week max. Again, this leaves me a lot of free time. So, no more excuses for slacking on blogging!

Anyhow, today I just want to make a quick blog post about this life situation, nothing major, just letting you know that I will be back on track. Quite a few things have happened lately, I went almost platinum blonde, and it’s a complete DIY project with my moma. And of course this is a topic that I will definitely talk about soon. Furthermore, I opened up a new Instagram account solely dedicates to makeup. The account is @Ranmakeup Here’re some of the photos so far, please help me spread the word and follow me if you enjoy what you’re seeing here. 

I also decided to start the Fully Raw 14-day challenge, it officially starts tomorrow, and I am quite nervous to be honest. This about sums up all the current events that have been happening in my life. Nothing too exciting, but I just want to share this with you. I really hope you’ll be sticking with me during my life journey, where that will take me is a mystery that waits to be solved.
That’s all for today. I really hope you are having a fabulous day. And until next time,

Stay Chic


  1. Omg pretty girl, I love your new blonde hair <3 Ahh a job at MAC, you don't know how jellyy I am! Great to hear your first year in uni went well :) It's been almost a year since I last saw you, we need to meet up sometime before the hectic school year starts!