Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 March Estee Lauder/MAC Warehouse Sale Haul

Hey my lovelies,
I hope you are all having a fantabulous day. Today, I would like to share with you what I picked up at last week’s Estee Lauder/MAC warehouse sale. I hope you enjoy!

It was overall a wonderful warehouse sale despite the fact that we waited over an hour to get in and it was absolutely packed! There were 3 rooms in total, full of all sorts of skincare, makeup as well as perfumes owned by Estee Lauder.

I was absolutely stoked that I found the DKNY be delicious there, considering it’s such a famous product, I don’t quite understand the point of putting it on sale here. Mind you, I’ve checked all the expiry dates of the products I bought, all of them are quite recently produced. This 50 ml perfume and the lotion was only $40! I was gifted this perfume for my 16th birthday and I wore it all throughout that year. I am really excited to wear this stunner again and see what sort of memory this scent can provoke.

There’s nothing better than seeing a prestigious luxury product on sale for such an affordable price. This Tom Form stick foundation was the perfect example. I am by no means trying to get into stick foundation, I think they’re quite old school, and is definitely not the easiest to work with. However, I’ve seen so many people using a dark foundation stick as their contour and I think it’s brilliant. This foundation stick is in the color caramel which is quite a few shades darker than my skin. This was again only $15. I know, unbelievable!

So at the sales, they have quite a few desks with samples of their products on it, you would take down the numbers and get in line. Many of them are sold out instantly, which I was quite upset. Anyways, this Clinique mineral powder seemed quite interesting, it reminded me of the Banana powder by Ben Nye. I’ve already tried it, can’t say it’s as highlighting as the banana powder, but it’s extremely natural on the skin and perfect if you just want a quick pick-me-up. $15, once again.

I also scored this mineralize skinfinish by MAC called lightscapade. I’ve heard many good things about it, and it’s more cool tone than soft and gentle, which is actually what I prefer. Golden toned highlighters look quite fake on my complexion. This was again, yep you guessed it, $15.

I’ve heard so many bad things about makeup remover wipes, which are what I used to remove face makeup. I decided to give cleansing oil a go. I picked up this one by Origins and the MAC cleanse off oil tranquil. Both were $18.

This amazing set full of Clinique products was only $45. Obviously, I had to get it.

I think the key point to score what you want in a warehouse sale is to read loads of other people’s hauls to see what’s there and what fits your taste. This was exactly what I did, and I am quite proud to say I was very efficient, and did not go above my budget. I saw this Origins mask at other people’s hauls and I was excited to try this out. I’ve always been interested in Origins products, so I can’t wait to see if this softens and gives lots of moistures to the skin like it promised. This was only $15.

Last but not least, there’s a desk for charity bad which is only $5. Remember, you have to pay in cash. This year around, they had all their holiday LE products: feline eye khol, private party and flair for finery cremesheen lip glass. All for only $5 and it’s for a good cause!
Overall, I would say this was an absolutely fantastic warehouse sale if you are not claustrophobic and are willing to wait in line. Comment down below to let me know what’s your favorite product that I picked up. Until next time,

Stay Chic



  1. Love all the Clinique products! Great buys!

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