Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peak-a-boo Ombre to Posh Bob: my hair revolution

Well, if you see the title, I’m sure you’re all curious about what happened to my hair. And yes, I cut it! What?!
So basically, I went from hair down to my waist to this short bob cut. This post is dedicated to my recent hair revolution and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on both my older hairstyle as well as the new one. So I decided to combine both hairstyles into one post and let you know how I got them done.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m sure you have seen my older hairstyle. I like to call it peak-a-boo ombre. I know ombre has been a trend for what seems like forever, but I was definitely into the trend right from the beginning. My reasons were quite simple, first, well, I think it’s really pretty and unique (until every other person I see on the street has the hairstyle) and also, it’s so easy to maintain. Unlike regular highlights, the more your roots grow out, the more natural your hair looks, in my opinion. So last August, I persuaded my parents to let me dye my hair and I went straight to my hair dresser with a picture of Lily Aldridge’s hair. I thought, you know, she has dark brown to black hair and so do I, the hair stylist should be able to do it, right? 
before ombre

Unfortunately, I was told that the style is too complex and she suggested to bleach my bottom layer so it somewhat looks like ombre and here you go. 

To be quite honest with you, I was never that happy with the hairstyle. While numerous girls tell me my hair is amazing and what not, I just never loved my hair. But, time and effort and money have been spent, so I kept the hairstyle for exactly a year.
I don’t remember starting from when but I became obsessed with bob. I want to say it was Karlie Kloss who started the whole “lob” trend but I could be wrong. Anyways, I was convinced that short hair was the way to go. Trust me, no one around me supported the idea of cutting off all of my hair. As I said, many have been lusting over my hair since it was super long, straight and somewhat healthy. Though I never enjoyed my naturally straight hair, it had zero volume and sticked right to my scalp. 
the only picture I could find of my natural hair

But the more I look at Victoria Beckham’s bob, Keira Knightly’s etc, the more I wanted to cut my hair. Starting from September 10th, I will be starting my first year university and I want to have a fresh new image. So After I came back from China, I again went to the same hair dresser I went to last August for my ombre. You might ask why would you go to the same hairdresser if you hated the last hairstyle, well I have to say she is very good with cutting and styling, it’s her husband that does the bleaching, needless to say, her husband definitely lacks the skill for it. Anyways, I just want to let you know that she did a fantastic job as always and I am so happy with my new hairstyle. 

It cuts around my chin and a bit of the previously bleached hair still peaks through, somehow, it just all worked out. I think this hairstyle is very chic and frames my face nicely. I hope you like it as much as I do. Though I have to share a fun fact with you, the moment I showed my grandma my new hairstyle, she immediately told me she liked the long one better. Well, you can’t please everyone, can you?
People tell me that it definitely takes courage to cut off so much hair but to be honest, I am quite adventurous when it comes to hair style. So who knows, what will I do next August? I guess we’ll just wait and find out :P

ps. I haven't taken many selfies yet so the pictures here are quite boring sorry :(
Stay Chic



  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I actually love your hair both ways, for different reasons. The bob really suits you and because you have great hair, you can pull off anything. The tiny touch of bleach you still have kind of makes this look a bit more edgy. And I like that.

    xoxo Jackie

  2. I'm following back x (:

    Love your short edgy-looking hair but that long ombré-ed hair has its own fashion too ;)


  3. Love your hair!

  4. I love your long ombre hair!! Have fun with the bob though :)

    1. It's been amazing and I'm definitely loving the short hair :)

  5. Wow I think you look amazing, very victoria beckham!! x Wieteke

    Meant To Attend

  6. we like it! you're lovely with a bob line!!!
    facebook/bloglovin shall we follow?
    greetings from Holland

  7. really does look chic! Very classy
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie

  8. Oh my goodness, it looks AMAZING! Hooray for super-chopped haircuts! :) (I just cut over a foot off of mine!)