Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm nominated for Liebster Award!!

Guess what guys, lavenderfedora is nominated for the Liebster Award! I’m beyond thrilled when Katherine from Hot Child in Chi City contacted me and told me I was nominated. Although I have never heard of the award before, I learnt that Liebster means dearest, sweetheart etc in German. The blogger nominated by the award is to answer 11 questions and pass the award on to another 11 bloggers. Also, I need to create 11 questions to ask them as well. So here goes the questions Katherine asked me.
1)      Why did you start blogging?
I’ve always been passionate about beauty and fashion related things. I’ve never shared with you about this but I actually made YouTube videos for a while back in 2010. It didn’t turn out so well so I closed down the channel. However, the desire of wanting to share my styles, makeup tips etc with others have always been with me so instead of YouTube, I decided to open up a blog. It’s a lot less intimidating than talking in front of a camera in my opinion. :)
2)      What is your favorite thing to blog about?
I love to blog about anything fashion and beauty related, to be honest. If I really have to pick a favorite, I would probably choose DIY tutorials. I love DIYs and creating new things. It gives me so much joy that I am able to share with others how to create unique and beautiful things as well.
3)      What is your favorite movie/film?
This might be a tricky question for some people but for me, I’ve always had a favorite movie in mind. For the longest time, I am obsessed with this movie called SILK. It’s such a sad yet beautiful movie, my heart was touched by it whenever I watched this. Recently, I’ve watched the latest version of Jane Eyre and I was in love with it right away. So my favorite movies would be Silk and Jane Eyre.
4)      What is your favorite item of clothing you have?
This is actually hard. I don’t have one specific clothing item that I’m really attached to. But for now, I have been really obsessed with my pleather jeans from H&M. Lana Del Rey wore them in the ads too!
5)      What can you never leave home without?
I can’t leave my home without my glasses. Lol this is so lame but it’s true. I am very nearsighted but I hate to wear glasses. I’ve been begging my parent to get me a pair of contacts for the longest time with no luck. So I choose to bring them with me and put them on only when necessary. This can be extremely inconvenient sometime when I forget to bring them with me and I am literally half-blind.
6)      What's your favorite city?
Paris!! I’ve never been there but it’s my dream to visit there. I love Eiffel Tower and there are so many beautiful fashion houses in Paris. It’s just such a romantic city.
7)      What is something that not many people know?
Well, not many of my friends know about my blog actually. I’ve kinda kept it as a secret because the last time I shared with my friends about my YouTube channel, let’s just say they were the reason I closed it down. And for now, my blog has not been very popular I guess, so lavenderfedora is something not many people know about. Please spread the love for me <3
8)      Where do you find inspiration?
This is a really broad question. But I will have to say I feel the most inspired when I come back from shopping. It’s really strange but every time I come home from shopping, my brain is full of ideas and design that I want to create.
9)      What is your dream vacation?
I would love to go to Paris and Provence. If you don’t know where Provence is, it is a region of southeastern France on the Mediterranean adjacent to Italy. The reason I want to go there so badly is because there are so many lavender fields in Provence. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I am obsessed with lavender hence my blog name. :P
10)  What is your favorite accessory you own?
I am not extremely into accessory but if I really have to pick one, I have this turquoise ring that I got from Quebec City and I wear them all the time.
11)  Describe yourself in five words. 
Shy, creative, studious (a nicer word for nerdy :P), persistent (another nice word for stubborn), artistic.

Now let me pass on the award onto 11 other bloggers. The blogs that I choose to nominate are:

And my questions are:
1)      Why did you choose this name for your blog?
2)      What do you enjoy the most from blogging?
3)      How would you describe your style?
4)      If money is not a problem, and you have only one store to buy all your clothes and accessories, where would it be?
5)      Whose wardrobe would you like to swap with?
6)      What is your favorite memory from your blogging journey?
7)      What, or who is your current obsession?
8)      What's the top item on your wish list right now?
9)      What would you like to be (career wise) if you don’t have to worry about anything financially?
10)  What’s the weirdest thing about you?
11)  What is your favorite quote?

I hope those questions make sense :P I’m not the best at coming up with questions.
I would like to thank Katherine again for nominating me for this award and please share my blog with your friends. :)

Stay Chic


  1. Congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you and I hope your blog continues to thrive and grow.

    1. thank you so much!You have a wonderful blog as well! Best wish to you too :)

  2. omg! thank you dear! love your blog! keep it up. keep on posting and posting! following you now. :)

  3. Thanks again! Here is our post:

    1. Love your answers :) You girls have a wonderful blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Grats on your nomination :-) It's fun to read your answers.

  5. Great post and awesome answers. Thanks for the shout out, too.