Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recent Empties: I have way too much hair products :P

I know I haven’t done an empties post in a while. But that’s simply because I didn’t use up anything. I also stopped wearing makeup every day, trying to give my skin a break. I finally accumulated enough products that I’ve used up lately and I would like to share it with you all :)

Like I said, I tried to wear as little makeup as possible lately and therefore didn’t use up any makeup items. Most of the empties are hair products and please bear with me.

Firstly, I have this Balea 3-in 1 cleansing cloths. I absolutely adore this product. I believe Balea is a Shoppers Drug Mart brand so you can only find this in Canada. I heard about this product through GregoryGorgeous on YouTube (I’m obsessed with GG) and I’m so glad I found it. When this product goes on sale, you can get it for $5.99 and it has 56 cloths. The cloths are saturated with makeup remover and it removes makeup like a dream. I know it’s not good to rely on makeup wipes so I use them to remove my face makeup and I wash my face with a cleanser. The cloths are really gentle on the skin and they’re super affordable! Love it!

Moving on, I used up the JuJu Aquamoist Toner. I purchased this toner back in July and it has lasted me ever since then. You only need 2 drops of this to moisturize your skin. It’s really gentle on the skin and it has Vitamin C as well as hyaluronic acid so it moisturizes you skin and brighten it at the same time. While I did not see a significant result in whitening, it has definitely moisturized my skin. I’ve been using this product only without using another moisturizer and my skin never feels dry in the cold winter months. So if you can get your hand on this Japanese product, I would recommend it. The only problem is that it contains alcohol but only a little bit. Compares to Clinique toners, the alcohol content in this is nothing. I have quite sensitive skin and this works fine on me :)

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Tresemme’s heat protectant spray. It’s a really popular product among bloggers and vloggers and it claims to protect your hair from heat. I don’t really know if this really works but since it’s so affordable and my hair hasn’t been too damaged from all the curling irons I’ve used, I would recommend this product. Plus, this smells amazing :P

Speaking of good-smelling products, I have to give credit to Aussie stuff. Their hair products all smell so fruity and fresh. I also used up this sun-touched shine leave-in conditioner. However, other than the good smell, I wouldn’t really recommend this product. I don’t think it has done anything to my hair and plus, my hair doesn’t tangle at all so it’s quite pointless for me. The bottle doesn’t provide the best spray if that makes sense. It kinda just spritzes at one area and you really have to comb it through to distribute the product throughout your hair. Unfortunately, I would not repurchase this.

2 more hair products and I promise that’s it. I’ve used up John Frieda’s luxurious volume thickening conditioner and I would not recommend it. It does not condition my hair nor does it give any volume to my super flat hair. I would rather buy the Loreal royal jelly conditioner, funny name I know, but that stuff is amazing and affordable.

Last but not least, I’ve used up Pantene’s restore beautiful lengths replenishing mask. Pheww such a mouthful. It’s basically just a hair mask. I did quite enjoy this product. It does not have an extremely thick texture like other masks, it feels more like a moisturizer for your hair. My hair felt very smooth and shiny after using this and for the price, you can’t beat it!
That’s it, I’ve really used up quite a bit of hair products and I hope you are not bored with it.

Did you use up any items lately? If so, please share it with us!

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  1. I've been wanting to try that Tresemme heat protectant. I just recently finished a tube of Loreal Eversleek shampoo. It only took me a year and a half. I have way too many shampoos O_o

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. You should try the tresemme heat protectant. What do you think of Eversleek?

      Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. I have the same feeling about the aussie leave in sprays. Like they smell nice but I felt like it did nothing for my damaged hair. I also don't feel like I saw much difference with the pantene mask. I do love the heat protector that you use, I use it too and I think it does help my hair.

    1. Right?! Aussie should come out with body sprays instead of hair products :P
      As for the pantene mask, it didn't do a whole lot but my hair did feel nice afterwards. I guess it really depends on your hair type.