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Little bits of Lavender: belly button piercings and aftercare

my piercing


I’ve been lusting over naval piercing ever since I saw it on BOA when I was in elementary school. Maybe lusting wouldn’t quite be the right word for how I felt towards it at first. I was a bit confused about it. I thought it looked gross at first but somehow I couldn’t resist how beautiful and bedazzled the jewels usually are. I understand many may be against belly button piercings (including my dad :P) and I know it wouldn't be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally love how it looks especially on defined abs which I’m definitely working towards  :P
pics from we heart it
But there are a couple reasons that I haven’t gotten them until now. I always thought it would cost somewhere between $70 to $100 and without a part-time job, I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Also, I have quite sensitive skin, other than earlobe piercings, I have never gotten any other piercings or tattoos on my body, so naval piercing would be quite a huge step to take. Just recently, my friend told me about this tattoo parlor that’s located in Kensington Market (which I wrote a blog post HERE) and they charge for only $15 flat on Saturday. I was a bit uncertain at first, and thought that sounded a bit sketchy. But after she told me how busy the store usually is and how amazing the cartilage piercing her friend got was, I finally gave in and here it goes the whole Little Bit of Lavender Experience :)

more pics from we heart it
So we arrived at Kensington Market around 1 in the afternoon. I’ve contacted the tattoo parlor’s Facebook page HERE and was told they usually charge for $25 plus tax but on Saturday, it’s only $15 flat. I was so nervous when I got in the store. Without stepping my feet inside any tattoo parlors before, I was definitely a bit scared when I got in. It was a really small parlor but I suppose most tattoo parlors look like that :P So we registered and they asked for our ID, little did I knew we needed to bring ID there but thank heaven I had my Health Card with me from the vaccination I got just 3 days ago. They asked us to fill in a form asking for medication history, allergy and suck. I handed in my form and paid $15 right away. Then they told us to wait for around half an hour so we went around the market but I really wasn’t in the mood. While waiting in the store, my heart was so fast that I could literally hear it. After my friends got their cartilages pierced, it was finally my turn. I went in and the lady was so sweet and even complemented on what I was wearing. Hehe I was quite cheerful and calmed down a bit.

my piercing

Then the process started. She asked me to lie down on a bench, and cleaned and softened the skin around my belly button. At that time, my friend who went with me was getting a bit nervous, too. Then the piercing artist asked me to stand up and she marked where the piercing would be with a marker and checked if that spot moved if I laid down which it didn’t. Then she brought out a needle and pierced it. Lol at that point, my friend was clenching my hand and she was actually more nervous than I was. Since I couldn’t see anything, it really wasn’t that bad. I would describe the pain as moderate. I actually think it hurt less compared to my vaccination shot. Then she put the jewel through and VOILA! I got my belly button pierced. I looked into the mirror and I kid you not, I was so happy with the result that I was jumping up and down. Ummm maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but really I nearly screamed with delight. It’s just so wonderful and the lady was so careful and precise, it didn’t bother me a bit!

So what really important would be the aftercare. She gave me a form with instruction on it and I figured I would just type that down in case anyone is interested:

-Don’t play with it!

-Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching near your piercing.

-Bleeding, bruising, swelling and tenderness are normal in the first few days

-Clear/pink/yellowish crusties are normal.

-Clean the piercing once a day with a mild soap and gentle, clean fingers.

- Mix 1/4 tsb sea salt to 1 cup water, soak for 10 minutes each day.

-Avoid perfumed soaps, cosmetics, unnecessary friction, dirty towels/clothing, pillowcases/phones, pools/lakes/hottubs, alcohol/peroxide/polysporin.

-Healing usually takes 4-6 weeks or longer. Jewellery can be change in 2-3 weeks

The girl also told me it would take 6 months up to a year to heal which is definitely  a long time. But overall, I am so happy with the result. If you are considering getting your belly button pierced, I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT :D
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