Sunday, November 11, 2012

ShopaHAULic: Asian Beauty Haul

Hi dolls :) I hope you are all having a great day! Today, I have a haul for you all. I'm really excited for this haul because as the title suggests, all of the products I gotare Asian beauty products.
As you might know, I just recently used up my Biotherm moisturizer, and since the weather is getting colder, my skin has been extremely dry lately, I desperately needed a new
face cream. I've always been fond of Asian skin care products, so I decided to go to a local Asian mall to check out what they have to offer. So here goes all the lovely products I got.

First of, I got this The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-therapy extreme moisture daily moisturizer. We have a the face shop store in the mall, it was just opened recently, and I wasreally excited to check it out. The store is really girly and bright, they have a tester for every product which is wonderful, the sales lady there is very helpful, too. I asked her what is good for dry, sensitive skin. She recommended me several products, I liked how this felt on my skin the best. It smells really fresh and lovely, to me, it smellslike roses. It's only $19 for 125ml, steal for such a lovely product. It looks a lot more expensive than that and it's packaged in a glass bottle. I'm so glad I picked this up, I have been using this for 4 days now, it got rid of my dy paches completely. I love it!

We have a couple other beauty stores full of all kinds of Asian beauty products, I decided to pick up some sheet mask. Skincare to me is very important, I never think of it asa chore, in fact I really enjoy putting on products and witness all the wonder they do to my skin. I bought my beauty diary 2-step repair mask set. I've heard great things about their two step system, and I asked the lady there which one is best for dry skin, she gave me this snail one. I know, I was quite shocked at first, and then she explained something about the snail really locks in moisture and it's even used in BB cream. It's definitely an interesting concept, I haven't tried it so far, but I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll
do a comparison post between the 2-step and the regular my beauty diary mask.

Also, my grandparents were in Japan visiting my aunt's family during the summer and I asked her to get me something there. I go the dollywink liquid liner, you probably already know this, but it's my holy grail eyeliner, it's in the shape of a pen, it's really easy to apply and it give a very fine line. The best part is that it stays put all day and it's really black. I love this!

Also, I read from a lovely Taiwanese blogger about this Avence lash serum. My lashes are natually pretty long but they're thin and fragile, ever since I started wearing mascara, it falls really easily. So I decided to give this a try. I will definitely post a before after post on this product after maybe a month or so. Stay tuned!

Last but least, I asked my aunt to get me a good sunscreen that doesn't irritate my dry skin. I've tried many North Amerian sunscreen but they all made my skin super red and itchy, she bought me this Biore one. I heard that this changes to a watery form as soon it's applied to your skin and it's light weight. I'm kinda anxious to try this out, hopefully, my skin will like this sunscreen.
That's my Asian beauty haul. I hope you liked this post and please follow my blog if you like it. Have a great day :)

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