Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Empties and Reivew: Biotherm, Loreal and more

    Hi Dolls :) Happy Halloween I hope you are all having a wondefully sweet day! It's the  beginning of a new month again which means it's time for another monthly empties post.

     I used up so many products this month, I'm so proud :D So here's the list of the products I used
up along with a short review for each product. Hope you enjoy it :)

     I used up another 2 containers of body lotions. I know, I'm a bit lotion crazy :P First of all, I used up The Body Shop Japanese cherry blossom body butter. I really like the packaging, Isn't it super cute? As for the scent, I think it smells pretty good, but nothing extraordinary. It's pretty moisturzing but I don't really like the consistency. It's a bit hard to spread on your body. And since I like to give my body a small massage whenever I put on lotion, this isn't the best choice. So overall, I enjoyed using it but I wouldn't repurchase this.
     Since we're on the subject of body lotion, I used up this travel size bath and body works Be enchanted body lotion. Again, the packaging really sucked me in. And I have to say,when I first smelled this, I fell in love with the scent immediately. It's extremely sweet and candy like. But as I started to use it daily, it almost gave me a bit of headache. So of course, I was really happy that I finally used it up but it didn't take me that long anyways because it's so tiny. And nope, I would not repurchase this.
     Next, I used up this tube of Nivea lip balm. It's the original one and it's pretty stardard. The moisturizing ability is great except it makes my lips really wet looking which
I don't particularly enjoy. I think I'll still stick with my EOS cutie balm :D
     I used up a face cream!! This is the Biotherm aquasource face gel. This was actually in a set that someone gave my mom as a gift, and since my mom is always so generous and awesome, she let me have the whole kit for myself. I know, I'm so selfish :P I really liked this face gel. There're so many amazing things about it. First, the packaging is so luxurious, it's in a glass jar and the kit is packaged in a tiffany blue colored box. Also, this smells extremely nice, it's very fresh and clean. And the texture is amazing as well, I always prefer gel and surum texture more than your typical face cream. So this product is right up my alley.It's really moisturizing and easy to spread. The onlyproblem I had was it left a weird feeling on your face when you touched it. I guess this product has some silicon in it so it feels a bit like a primer. It's kinda strange and I don't really know what I think about that. Unfortunately, this retails for around $45 in Canada and I can't afford it even if I want to repurchase it. I still believe there're many great moisturizers out there that are a lot cheaper. Goodbye, my beloved Biotherm Aquasource. :'(

     Oh no, I used up a concealer. I absolutely loved this and I used it pretty much every day under my eye when I wear makeup. This is the Loreal Visible Lift undereye concealer.The whole thing is so well-loved that the words are pretty much rubbed off on the packaging. As I said, it's an amazing concealer. It covers undereye darness like a dream.I got it when it was on a crazy sale. It was reduced from $10 to $2. Now I think aboou it, it makes prefect sense cuz Loreal discontinued this product.
I remembered reading a review on this product on Beautypedia and they gave this a super high rating. I'm so sad, I loved this concealer so much. Sigh, why do they always have to discontinue the better products.

     This might be a boring product for many of you. It's just a antibacterial hand wash from Dial. But this was a five star product for me. Every day I looked at this hand wash,
the adorable Hello Kitty just brightened my day.It smells like strawberry in a clean and fresh way, and it foams up. Overall, I think it's so lovely and I totally need to
go out and grab another one.

     Lastly, there's this Tresemme dry shampoo. I'm not even gonna lie to you, this product is horrible. It does not absorb any oil in contrary to what it claims, in fact, it
only makes your hair stickier and super gross. Not only that, I was trying so hard to use this up but the aerosal spray totally stopped working even though I'm not even
halfway through it. This is just terrible. If you are on the market for a new dry shampoo, please do not get this one.
     That's it for this month's emptie. I hope you all have a great day, and please comment below on what you think of those products it you tried any. Or, what did you use up
this month? Please share it with us.

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