Friday, July 27, 2012

ShopaHAULic: Topshop ❤

Hi dolls J I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather outside. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t write for such a long time. I just finished my summer school course and I didn’t expect it to be that hectic. I don’t even want to go into it but anyways, I am very happy with the mark I got and here I am, writing a post that is supposed to be up a month ago :(

So as you might know, I went to meet Michelle Phan when she came to Toronto, and you can click HERE to see more photos and I also have a short video on it. On the same trip, I went to Topshop which if you don’t know, it’s a British fashion retailer. It’s absolutely amazing and I have to say, it’s probably one of the best stores in Toronto in my opinion, clothing wise, since every thing in the store fits my style perfectly. However, since it’s a European brand, it’s quite pricey in Canada. So I just got one dress in the end. First of all, I want to show you the dress that I got. It’s a velvet A-line dress that fits my body so perfectly I just have to get it. The taupy colour makes the dress very unique, and the gold glitter polka dots make it stand out more. Best of all, it’s on sale. The original price is $92(insane I know) and I got it for $25.20 only. Steal!!! I once saw Beautycrush on YouTube wearing this dress and I fell in love with it. So glad that I got it at an amazing price!

Like always, I like to try out a ton of clothes and snap photos in the fitting room, I know, it’s very silly, but I’m satisfied by just trying it on and having a photo. I tried on this peplum dress with mesh detail on the front. It’s pretty but I know I would never wear it even if I get it.

Also, I tried on this denim strapless dress. The bustier design looks so chic.
Sorry it's quite blurry! I must be  laughing very hard that I couldn't even hold the camera properly :P

Also, when I was waiting in line to meet Michelle, I passed by TOPSHOP’s window display. It’s so girly and adorable I have to snap some pics to share with you all. I’m loving pastel color currently.

You can see my OOTD here as well as my gorgeous friend :)

Do you have a Topshop near where you live? What do you think of the store?

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