Saturday, June 23, 2012

Little Bits of Lavender: Michelle Phan Toronto Meetup

Hi dolls <3

I hope you are all doing well! First of all, I really want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I had lots of exams and study to do, and I really wanted to focus on school therefore I put my blog world aside. I know it’s a lame excuse, but please forgive me, would you? :P Now school is over and I’m back! I have many exciting posts coming up so please stay tuned. Today, I wanna share with you all my Phan experience. Many of you might know, Michelle Phan came to Toronto on June 21, and of course, I had to go. So here’s my experience.
It took us almost an hour to become this close to Michelle

To quote the invitation, “Meet YouTube sensation and Lancome video makeup artist Michlle Phan. Live interview 5 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. Autograph session 5:30 P.M. TO 6:30 P.M. ” Me and my friends spent the whole afternoon getting ready. I did my friends’ hair and they really liked it J The meetup was held at Yorkdale shopping mall which is quite far from where we live, we decided to go there earlier so we could have a chance shopping there before the meetup. Well, that didn’t really happen. We arrived there around 4:20 and thought we would just check out the place first, well, what awaited us was a huge lineup in front of the mall. There was no choice but joining them so that we might get a chance to see her. We were totally shocked!
Getting ready at friend's house

Stunning Michelle

Random snapshot

Autograph and bubble tea

Love Michelle's outfit

Closeup of her outfit (Sorry it's very blurry)

There were a few people interviewing Michelle’s “phans” and recording videos, it was quite a scene. People were screaming her name which made the security people very uncomfortable. Well, too bad, we love Michelle and we wanna show our excitement. We waited for half an hour and Michelle came! Even though the line didn’t move but only became longer, I was excited but frustrated since I couldn’t see anything. My friends and I took turn waiting in the line so we could have a sneak peak of Michelle. After maybe another half an hour, the line started moving. She started signing autograph and taking pictures with her “phans”. We were a little scared that we might not be able to meet her since the line was so long. The girl in front us almost cried when we realized the situation. Luckily, we got to meet her near the end. Gosh! She’s stunning. She was wearing purple eye shadow and a white dress with green print over it, along with a pair of tangerine skyhigh, she looked fabulous as always. We only got to meet her in person for merely 10 seconds as she gave us an autographed portrait and took a photo with us. She was such a sweet lady and was super polite. I absolutely adored her smile, it’s so genuine. My friend filmed a short video of her and her blowing kiss scene was so cute! Anyways, I really enjoyed this meetup and I’ll continue loving Michelle Phan and her videos!

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